Want safety training in your hand?

There’s an app for that …

One training element required under some OSHA rules is two-way communication between the trainer and trainee during the course. To help in this area, BLR® offers the Safety ToolBox Trainer!

The Safety ToolBox Trainer is a powerful training platform with a companion app that allows you to schedule safety training meetings and deliver the training face-to-face anywhere and at any time, with instant access to your meeting and support materials. Help meet your OSHA training requirements by extending your training and communication to the field!


The Safety ToolBox Trainer app:

  • Is a Web-based platform
  • Assists in managing meetings, recording notes, uploading images, and viewing handouts
  • Allows you to view and print outlines, handouts, and quizzes
  • Has hundreds of safety meeting topics (ie., Confined spaces, electrical safety, HazCom, Machine Safety, PPE, Construction Safety, Safety Management)
  • Is developed by our EHS experts to keep you compliant
  • Has the ability to import employee’s via csv.
  • Can add/remove employees
  • Has the ability to sync with your iOS or Android mobile device

See how it works:

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