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Safety ToolBox Trainer

Whether you’re a safety manager looking to streamline safety training across multiple jobsites, an HR manager trying to juggle two jobs at once, or an insurance carrier looking to provide your clients with more services, Safety ToolBox Trainer can make your job easier.


I need to manage and train up to 50 learners

Safety ToolBox Trainer allows you to manage and train on the go while keeping your safety message consistent, regardless of the jobsite.

Both our web version and online companion app have training meetings, quizzes, and handouts on hundreds of OSHA topics. Instantly access for up to 50 learners!

Train up to 50 Learners

I need a custom solution
to meet my or my clients needs

Sometimes there’s no off-the-shelf training solution that meets the needs of you or your clients. That’s why we offer custom solutions to help make your job easier!

Whether you need over 50 learners or custom content and design, we will work with your organization to meet your needs.

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