Manage and train on the go with Safety ToolBox Trainer

Our online training site, and its companion app is the perfect solution for safety professionals trying to streamline their message across multiple facilities or job sites.

Safety ToolBox Trainer includes the safety meeting sessions, quizzes, and handouts from our popular 7-Minute Safety Trainer book, all online.

Additionally, this interactive new product allows you to:

  • Easily schedule meetings for your trainers in the field
  • Quickly communicate safety-related issues with notes feature
  • Track safety-related issues at each location
  • Provide trainers with a customizable information page to list useful websites and vital contact information for your company and employees
  • Access training materials anytime, anywhere with the mobile app

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Let us show you how you can use Safety ToolBox Trainer to streamline safety training

Case Study: See how the Safety ToolBox Trainer simplifies training and recordkeeping obligations for a subscriber.

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